EcommerceCritics.com helps millions of people make informed decisions about ecommerce-related tools – including online store builders, web hosting companies, drop shipping services, email marketing providers, and business tax services. There are an enormous number of ecommerce-related tools, each with different options. My primary purpose is to help people (all over the world) make the right and informed choice for themselves – in the easiest way possible.

Ecommerce Tools Reviews

There are a variety of ways that that I help website owners and would-be website owners. But my specialty is providing expert ecommerce tools reviews. In addition, our comments section includes thoughtful reviews and opinions of longtime users of online store builders, web hosting companies, drop shipping services, etc.

Beyond the Reviews – Way Beyond

Of course, I provide a good deal of other resources. I provide a wide range of helpful (and sometimes entertaining) content for website owners. EcommerceCritics.com is, after all, a website for website owners made by website owners. All of the members of my staff have their own websites (and successful ones too). Most of them have several websites.

Here is a list of other things that make up EcommerceCritics.com:

  • Resources for Webmasters
  • Coupons
  • Comparisons

My Business Practices

My goal is simple: to help you find the right ecommerce tools for your website and use that website to its full potential. But this website is also a business – one that is critically dependent upon our users’ trust. That is why I do not pull any punches and why I am always transparent as possible about my business practices.

To read more, read my full disclosure: How is this site funded? But if you want a quick answer, just look at the bottom of every single page on this site that reads: “How is this site funded?”

It is because of this that I am scrupulous in providing honest, accurate, relevant, and up-to-date information about ecommerce-related tools, and everything else that is posted on my site. But the truth can be stated simply: I am not at all interested in getting you to buy junk or anything else that is not right for you and I would never want you to buy something that I would not buy for any of my sites. EcommerceCritics.com is in business for the long haul.

I have been around for quite some time, and I will continue on because I work very hard to earn your trust.

Meet the Owner, Admir Gracanin

Sorry to keep you waiting, I am Admir Gracanin, the owner and man behind EcommerceCritics.com. You can find me online on my website, writing information articles to help you choose the right ecommerce tools for your business, or at home, second-guessing football coaches. Here are a few quick facts about me:my wife and i

  • I built my first website when I was 13 using basic HTML functions.
  • I have a college degree in Business Management and Administration.
  • I currently live in New York (hate the cold weather) and am married to my beautiful wife, Rijalda (the gorgeous lady in the image above).
  • During football season, every Sunday is reserved for watching football (my favorite team is the Atlanta Falcons).
  • My absolute and all-time favorite show is the Walking Dead, which also happens to play on Sundays.
  • In 2012, I got serious about my passion and launched a series of websites that are still active today.
  • In late 2016, I started testing the waters in the stock market (not doing so well with stocks, but I am very optimistic).

Since 2012, I have learned a lot about different ecommerce tools and what it takes to be successful online. My advice and knowledge in the ecommerce industry has been shared with thousands of other bloggers, website owners, and entrepreneurs. I am looking forward to sharing it with you, too.

Contact Me

I am constantly working on this site, so if you find anything wrong or have any feedback, please do get in touch with me.

Thanks and talk soon,