GoE Cart Review

GoE Cart is definitely one of the lesser known ecommerce solutions, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t comparable to some of the more popular ones.

This solution is perfect for those running an omni-channel company. They don’t have any restrictions when it comes to multi channel commerce while giving you multi-brand B2B as well as B2C websites. You can do things quickly and thus, increase your ROI. You can breeze through managing your orders and inventory across the supply chain. You can also either be on your own or together as one commerce solution. Additionally, their advanced OMS functionality competes with the Fortune 500 solutions. You can accomplish real end-to-end integration with a variety of sites such as Amazon.com and Sears. As a result, you can sell your items to a large number of people who purchase products on those marketplaces. There’s no need for third-party tools. They also give you the choice of being able to ship directly from the warehouse or your actual physical shop. Shipping internationally is also a breeze. On top of that, the inventory updates on the Cloud continuously. They can also improve your call center by providing you with more impressive tools. They can also help you with creating a nice, mobile friendly version of your website, too.

However, first and foremost, many complain that they feel that price doesn’t justify the solution. It’s difficult to play around with the data such as reports, and importing data and products. They’ve also got a lot of legacy code, so you don’t get that raw html experience and thus it is difficult to implement more modern designs. In fact, its code seems a bit old. Since it is a closed source cart, you have little room for redoing the design and functionality. Making pricing and shipping work for complex catalogs is also pretty difficult. Also, quite a few have complained about their poor customer support and failure to meet deadlines.

Although GoE Cart claims to be great for businesses who are quickly growing and medium in size, there a number of customers whose reviews contradict what GoE Cart say they do. On paper, it seems like they don’t differ too much from their competitors with all that they offer, but with the extensions that you often have to add on, the new price is much more drastic than that of the original one, which defeats the whole purpose. If you are looking into a solution that is a bit more reputable, look into, for example, Shopping Cart Elite. There are also many other ones you can look into as well.


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