Magento Enterprise Review

Magento is a well-known, self-hosted platform that has many features to choose from and is easily customizable. This company has three different versions, respectively known as MagentoGo, Magento Community, and Magento Enterprise. Today, however, we are going to review Magento Enterprise. This one focuses more on medium and higher volume businesses. This complete ecommerce solution has everything from PCI compliance, to return management modules, to loyalty programs and all the way to email marketing. Therefore, this is good for those who want everything, but don’t want to create or manage it. They also have support all day, everyday. However, it is not hosted by Magento, which means you have to buy a hosting plan that is specific to the size of your store. Therefore, you can have an unlimited number of items. Although it is fairly pricey, you pay for its advanced marketing capabilities such as being able to segment customers.

Magento Enterprise has a number of features. It can deal with a high volume of SKUs and items without a problem. Their page results load very fast, regardless of the number of items on the page. They offer really simple tax calculations. Checking out is a breeze with their wide variety of process such as guest, customer login, new user, as well as PayPal checkout. There can be multiple administrators. They’ve got built-in options for gift wrapping. They’ve also got great gift registry and loyalty programs. On top of that, they can make your store user-friendly on mobile devices.

However, since nothing in life is perfect, there are some disadvantages to this solution. First of all, you pay a pretty hefty price for it. Also, it’s not open source, and thus you can’t get into the code and modify it. Therefore, if you wanted a blog, you’d need an extension for it because it is not built in. Additionally, its interface is not the most user friendly. They also aren’t great with documenting functionality and processes.

In the end, Magento Enterprise is popular for a reason. It may be expensive, but it is mostly worth it. However, it’s okay if it’s not the one for you. It may not be powerful, fast, or functional enough and its licensing costs really do restrict who all can use it. Don’t worry, though, because there are a number of options to choose from. You can start with Shopping Cart Elite, for example, for a more low cost option.


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