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In order to make your online store the best that it can possibly be, you need the right ecommerce platform. It should be simple and have easy inventory management tools to aid you with looking after and managing your inventory. Additionally, that store builder has to include mechanisms that will ensure you clients have a user-friendly experience while browsing around and making purchases.

One such builder is Pinnacle Cart. Regardless of whether you are starting from nothing, or moving from your store from one platform to another, this one is great for ecommerce. It initially came out in 2003 and since then, it has garnered a clientele from Corona Extra to the Discovery Channel. They look after everything, including but not limited to, web hosting, which is optimized for ecommerce stores, upgrades, as well as security, since they are a hosted platform.

This cart is good for those who are looking to create on online store with the help of a hosted online store builder. They also must be willing to invest about $30 a month. However, it doesn’t matter what you sell because this platform is adaptable. In fact, it is definitely a runner up for the big names such as BigCommerce and Shopify.

When it comes to the ease of use, it is quite high up on the scale. Once you’ve signed up, the Quick Start Guide is there to help bring your store up on its feet in a short span of time. You can either go through each step in order to add some information like the name of your business, how to get in contact, where to find you on social media, as well as altering your SEO settings. However, you also have the option of completing that information later. This start guide also aides you in filling your inventory, which is made incredibly simple since it’s all on one page, granted everything is labeled correctly. I just wish that they broke it into various tabs or pages to make it even easier for beginners.

The backend in my opinion, is much more pleasing to the eye than other platforms are. It’s great that you can easily access the sales summary, new orders, and tabs such as orders and marketing, too.

In other words, they make it easy enough for beginners, but they give those who are more experienced, enough room for their own creative exploration.

When it comes to bringing people to your online store, it is no secret that it is quite the feat. However, stay away from anything that could potentially be harmful to the image of it. In fact, you want a platform with not only many templates to choose from, but that is also easy to change.

Pinnacle Cart has 30 free ecommerce themes to choose from and can be altered more specifically to your business. They also have premium ones with prices as low as $395 and as high as $1295. They could also create a customized one, too. You can change things such as the color and font with their “Cart Designer”. You can also alter widgets with the WYSIWYG editor. However, don’t stop there with your editing. If you are fluent in HTML and CSS, you are free to make changes there as well. The only thing that I wish they offered was the chance to download it and edit it offline because if you, for example, hire a developer, you’d have to give them access to your website. Additionally, their themes are optimized for mobile commerce for Apple, Android, as well as Blackberry devices.

Pinnacle Cart also has many other great SEO features that can aid you with optimizing your online store for search engines, which will give it organic traffic for free. In fact, it is completely optimized for it. One feature that I especially love is being able to generate Meta tags right out of the product details. Additionally you can either upload or make a robot.txt file that will help create an automatic site map for the search engines.

They’ve also got many marketing functions that could be beneficial, for example, for having promotions, thus getting shoppers to come back. On top of that, they give you the option of enabling Google Analytics, Google AdWords and even QR codes.

When it comes to inventory, Pinnacle Cart has got you covered regardless of how big or small it is. In fact, they have three different ways that you can track it. If you only have one item, then you can opt out of tracking alltogether. Another option is to inventory only at the product level. It’ll also notify you when you are out of stock or reach a specific number. The last option that they have is to track through variants which is ideal if you have an item in a variety of colors or sizes.

With 25 payment gateways, this platform caters to many, but the preferred option is Braintree since there aren’t any fees. However, you aren’t limited to only those! You can add custom ones.

There are a variety of options for shipping. A few include free and real-time shipping. Additionally, some methods like First Class aren’t open for every location. However, you can add custom tax settings for any location.

They have 36 various currencies, but USD is the default. However, you can select a few currencies and make the default different. You can also have your own exchange rate.

On top of that, you can have many languages on your store, but you do need to upload a file with the right files of that language, but those are typically found on Google anyways.

Their apps, on the other hand, are quite limited with only 27 and there are only a couple that are actually beneficial. One such example is However, this is all due to the fact that they already offer a lot of built-in ecommerce features, so that’s why it’s hard to find something that they don’t have.

A great thing about Pinnacle is that they’re absolutely PCI compliant and PA DSS certified. Additionally, they are there for you via phone and live chat as well as email ticketing. However, they aren’t available to you 24/7. They do, though, have a knowledge base section that has informative guides, tutorials, and even videos on a variety of topics. They’ve also got a community forum with active customers and developers, but it isn’t exactly thriving right now.

When it comes to selecting a plan, you have four regular monthly ones to choose from. The cheapest is $29.95 with only 1GB of storage space and 2GB of bandwidth whereas the most expensive one is $149.95 with 50GB of storage space and 100GB of bandwidth. If you go over the bandwidth, you’ll get charged an extra $3.50 for every GB. However, they also have a couple of enterprise plans for the bigger businesses at either $249 or $349 a month.
You don’t get charged for any transaction fees and you do get a 8% discount for yearly prepayments.

So which plan do you choose?

Well, take a look at your budget, the amount of space you need and the bandwidth you think you’ll need. If you don’t know, begin with the “Start Up” plan and just upgrade as you go.

However, do you really need it?

Let’s break Pinnacle Cart into its advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, you have many options to choose from when it comes to languages and currencies. Every plan lets you have however many items you want. You can have multiple administrators. If you want to transfer, check and see if you are currently working on one of the 40. If so, you can transfer without paying. You can also dropship and wholesale orders.

However, they don’t have a built-in POS system. You can’t compare items and they don’t detail complex features well enough. Additionally, you have to purchase your own SSL certificate.

To conclude, in my opinion, their advantages outweigh their disadvantages. I am especially a fan of the fact that they don’t have any transaction fees, you can transfer your store from the platform that you are currently using, and they have impressive security so if they interest you, don’t hesitate to try out their 14-day trial because you aren’t obligated to stay once it’s done.

Definitely look into their trial version, though, if your online business currently isn’t profitable, if you can afford to pay the monthly costs, if you want top security, or if you just don’t want to pay for transaction fees.

However, it may not be relevant to you if you need unlimited storage and bandwidth, if you’re already making profits with your online store, or if you don’t do well with change.


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