Shopify Plus Review

If you’re new to ecommerce, then Shopify may seem like a foreign brand to you, but for those of us in this industry, this brand is one that we’ve come across one too many times. It is often seen as the go to all-in-one ecommerce solution. However, much like almost everything in life, it is beneficial to some, but not to everybody. That’s why they’ve come up with another option that caters to those brands that they didn’t necessarily benefit with their initial product.

Shopify Plus doesn’t differ too much from its predecessor, Shopify. In fact, it is just a more perfected version that allows you to focus on more things since it takes care of the online aspect of your company.

This solution has no transaction fees, there is no limit to the bandwidth, and you’ll have your own Merchant Sales Manager. You get what you pay for, but do keep in mind that it is a lot. As a result, Shopify Plus focuses more on their relationship with larger companies because that’s who they’ll benefit the most with their newest solution.
Although they are quite expensive, pricing is negotiable and differs with the size of your team, your earnings, and other aspects. Since it is cloud-based, the only thing that you need is a good computer and the most current, dependable web browser. It is fairly easy to use since it’s design is simple, looks good, and the navigation is pretty self explanatory. Additionally, if you want to give it a try, you can do so for free for 2 weeks without providing them with your credit card information. Its dashboard looks really nice and has the features that you’d expect such as orders, products, customer records, analytics, discounts and apps. Adding items is also really easy since you only need to click on a few things. Their discount feature has also become significantly better. A few of the features that they have, aside from the basic ones, is its unlimited selling capacity, copious amounts of storage, impressive analytics, reliability, scalability, easy set up, multichannel capabilities and its guaranteed priority customer service.

When it comes to their web design, they have over 50 themes that you can select and it’s really easy to change them up with their drag and drop editor. However, if you do know how to code, you can change things up there as well. They do, though, use their own language called Liquid. Additionally, you can hire an expert to help you out.

They have over 1500 apps readily available to you, but if they don’t have something that you need, they can create their own to make something more specific to your business. When it comes to payments, they have over 70 payment methods, including but not limited to PayPal, Amazon Payments, and Shopify Payments, if you qualify for the latter. They also have a wide variety of ways to receive customer service and technical support, which is something that they’ve really improved upon since Shopify.
First of all, they have a restricted number of variants. When you put up a product, it can’t have any more than 100 variants, which is the aspect of the product that your client can choose such as the color or size. They also have restrictions when it comes to their wholesale capabilities, which makes it hard to make B2B transactions. As a whole, they don’t offer that many features. They do give what you need to begin and actually run the online business but you have to use lots of add-ons to create more advanced features.

To conclude, Shopify Plus is very similar to its predecessor, but caters more to higher volume companies. However, much like Shopify, it needs lots of add-ons if you want a more advanced site. If you don’t think that Shopify is the one for you, take a look at Shopping Cart Elite. For one, they have a lot of the features that you’d have to add-on in Shopify Plus.


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